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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ninja Design Contracts | Master your communication skills.

The key to mastering happy clients is good contracts and good communication. 

Common Problems
The most common issue that comes up when dealing with a client project is the difference between the concept of the job and what is actually delivered. The client has a specific outcome in mind when the project starts. The service provider is expected to understand this and give an accurate estimate for the cost of the work.
What often happens is that the person doing the work completes the job to their understanding, delivers the work, and the client is not happy with the final product.
This can happen for many reasons, here are a few common ones:
  • The clients expectations were not clearly communicated and/or understood by the service provider.
  • The clients expectations changed during the process.
  • The clients project is reviewed by partners or associates and they now realize they want something different.
  • The provider did not understand the needs of the client and delivered work that did not meet the needs of the client.
When this situation arises what usually happens is the service provider loses money due to the extra work required to deliver a project the client deems to be completed. This can often create a sense of animosity between the client and the provider.
Sometimes the problem is as simple as a client that is difficult to make happy or doesn't really know what they want. A simple logo or brochure can go from being a straight forward 10 hours of work to 30 or 40 hours because of endless minute revisions. The handful of "tiny changes" that continue to trickle in and really add up to several hours. While the client still expects to pay what was originally agreed upon. This can be very frustrating for even the most experienced designer.
Luckily there are some proven ways to avoid all these issues, and keep both parties happy and ensuring each party receives exactly what is expected. Below I will go over the essential components to keeping your business interactions running smoothly whether you are a client or a service provider.

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