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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Five Cool features of HTML 5

HTML5 is the newest language for structuring and presenting content to the internet. It is the core technology of the world wide web, and now in it's 5th revision. It's primary aims have been to improve the language / support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable; as well as being consistently understood by computers and devices.

So what is cool about this new technology? Here are a couple cool things that HTML 5 does:

Drawing on the fly:
You can define a canvas element and the user can draw things on it dynamically on the fly. Here is a quick video on this:

Forget about flash/javascript plugin to play videos. Those things would soon be gone in HTML 5 using a video tag. Here is a video on this:

This would allow users to use the location information such as IP address or GPS location with applications. This would open the door with many possibilities. Check this out:

Audio Support:
No longer do we have to rely upon third party plugins in order to render audio. HTML5 now offers the  element. Well, at least, ultimately, we won’t have to worry about these plugins. For the time being, only the most recent of browsers offer support for HTML5 audio. At this time, it’s still a good practice to offer some form of backward compatibility.

Overall, These cool things on HTML 5 should make life easier for both the developer and the end users. Many of the tags have already been invented and tweaked to be more human friendly instead of just machine friendly like when HTML originates from SGML. Creating web pages will become easier and easier. W3C is apparently following this path. 


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