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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Should I upgrade to Windows 8?

Should I upgrade to Windows 8?

With the upcoming  release of the new Microsoft operating system, the big question is should we upgrade? Currently, Windows 8 Release preview is out. Here is what they are saying:

According to Windows Blog Windows 8 will have more personalization options on the start menu, improved multi-monitor support, new family safety features, improvements to mail, photo, and People apps; additionally, improvements to IE10.

If you are wondering what it can do for your business, look no further than this link. There will be support for both tablets and desktops, faster boot up, will run on existing hardware, App store included,  and enhanced architecture.

One feature for the business executive on the go is the ability to let users take their workstation with them. As explained in this link, Windows To Go can be useful for telecommuters and temporary contractors because they can essentially fit an entire PC environment--loaded with the all the apps, settings, and files they need--in their pocket and boot into it with their own PC. This would be much more efficient than having to carry a physical computer from place to place. Windows To Go could also make the perfect backup OS for PCs that become infected or corrupt. And it can be managed by and secured with standard enterprise management tools such, as SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) and Active Directory group policies, just like an ordinary Windows PC. The USB drive can also be encrypted with BitLocker to prevent data theft if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Windows 8 start menu

Want to see what all the hype is, see for yourself....Download Windows 8 Release preview here.

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