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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Running a Ninja Smooth Operation

As a Ninja Freelancer you have to be equipped to take on what ever mission or task that is presented to you. So this means being more agile than the average. As a Ninja Freelancer you have to have the necessary skills to carry out the mission, as well as being able to effectively get the job done without someone looking over your shoulder. There are a few skills that need to be mastered in order to be a successful or most requested Ninja.

You must be disciplined and able to manage your time effectively. This requires a lot of strategizing and forecasting. Staying on point with your schedule and knowing when it’s time to cease your mission for the day. Staying on point with your task and not allowing distractions to delay goals. Identifying which missions are ones that you can take on alone or if required help is needed.

Ninja Freelancers have to skillfully market themselves in order to stay occupied with missions. However, Ninjas also have to remain balanced so that they do not become bombarded with missions that they cannot complete.

Most importantly to remember as a Ninja Freelancer you have to know what it takes to be your own boss, a Self promoter, Accountant and sometimes Legal Adviser to stay on top of the operation.

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