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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Managing a small business can be like juggling cats!

Juggling a Lot of Responsibility?

No matter how crunched for time you are, you can't afford to let your website be reduced to an afterthought. 

Even if your business is all brick and mortar, potential clients will still look for your website to find out about your hours, get maps and directions, or see what products you offer. 

If web visitors (e.g. future shoppers) don't see you online, they may never visit you or make a purchase. A poor web presence can cost you customers without you even knowing about it!

Don't worry - help is out there. Read the article below to learn more about options for small businesses.

Learn how to choose the right web designer for your small business.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Creative Career Salary Outlook

Graphic Designer Salaries USA 2014
USA Flag USA Average Hourly Freelance Rate $57.68
USA Flag USA Average Hourly Salary $19.14

Looks like the federal government pays the most for web design. When comparing national averages, DC has the highest average salary for web designers.

Average Hourly: $40.37
Median Hourly: $38.43
Median Annual: $79,930
Average Annual: $83,960
Total District of Columbia Employed: 1,260

For more statistics download the Creative Industry Salary Guide

College career guides:

Monday, June 29, 2015

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Top 5 Useless Majors

Who needs an Art Degree!?

I don't buy it. Where is philosophy or art history? A graphic design degree can help you get into a great company - of course nothing will help you if you do not have a great portfolio. But many companies, especially in Silicon Valley require a degree. Many local schools offer graphic design programs, and often just having a degree from a well known school can help you get a great job.

This doesn't matter much if you are a freelance ninja! Freelancers get their own clients using their portfolio and recommendations. Does a potential client really care that much if you show them a degree? Or would they rather see examples of excellent design work.

A degree can give you the fundamentals and introduce you to important resources. I would hardly call it a "useless major"!

Find a use for your graphic design major:
SJR State
Ursinus College

National e-Commerce Initiative