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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Creative Career Salary Outlook

Graphic Designer Salaries USA 2014
USA Flag USA Average Hourly Freelance Rate $57.68
USA Flag USA Average Hourly Salary $19.14

Looks like the federal government pays the most for web design. When comparing national averages, DC has the highest average salary for web designers.

Average Hourly: $40.37
Median Hourly: $38.43
Median Annual: $79,930
Average Annual: $83,960
Total District of Columbia Employed: 1,260

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Ninja Code Hax0r


Austin Community College Graphic Design Program

Top 5 Useless Majors

Who needs an Art Degree!?

I don't buy it. Where is philosophy or art history? A graphic design degree can help you get into a great company - of course nothing will help you if you do not have a great portfolio. But many companies, especially in Silicon Valley require a degree. Many local schools offer graphic design programs, and often just having a degree from a well known school can help you get a great job.

This doesn't matter much if you are a freelance ninja! Freelancers get their own clients using their portfolio and recommendations. Does a potential client really care that much if you show them a degree? Or would they rather see examples of excellent design work.

A degree can give you the fundamentals and introduce you to important resources. I would hardly call it a "useless major"!

Find a use for your graphic design major:
SJR State
Ursinus College

National e-Commerce Initiative

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ninja Logo Design Memes

Got Design?

You went to Fiverr for a logo?

Use a real designer.

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